Games You Can Play Right Now!

Pray And Spray - Available on Windows and Steam for FREE, is an online tactical FPS set in a modern fictional war era.

Escape The Evil - Available on Windows and Steam! Escape the manor from a killer psycho by completing puzzles & unlocking doors.

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Work In Progress - Under Development

Defracted - is an online 3rd person arena shooter that can be played with friends or online players. You can choose to play between 10+ characters, each with their own unique backgrounds. You can play between multiple game modes, classic deathmatches and Last Man Standing, a fun and quick team-based mode where each player has one life and must fight the storm to survive.

There will be daytime and nighttime maps. Each player will have loadouts they can customize. Some weapons must be unlocked thru leveling up and using in-game coin from completing matches. You can customize weapons with different camos and attachments. There will be different tier weapons, some more powerful than others. You can customize your own profile such as banners and player logos. 

The world is set in a fictional sci-fi realm where 2 teams are at war with each other over prosperity in a virtual reality game created by an alien civilization.

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